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Quote of the day – Me

Thank you. Thank you. I’d like to thank the academy…


Because she is the only one professional enough…

Remember this guy (Strong Language):

News flash: guns are dangerous. Yeah. I know. I was shocked to find this out too. And here is another pro-tip for ya… holstering and unholstering a gun is probably one of the most dangerous things that you will ever do with a gun. Thats why I was so shocked Continue reading

If you dont read anything else today…

… go read this

Everything you need to know about DIY Stippling

Great read on the subject…. and great pics too.

I am not a fan of Stippling, but if thats your thing and it works for you, then go for it. But please, please, please make it look good. I hate to see a bad stippling job. It seems to just make the gun lose all appeal.

Why is the Gun-Control camp so pro-rape?

Good question…. Why is the Gun-Control Civilian Disarmament camp so pro-rape?

Liberalism hates women. Liberalism would rather vilify a gun than vilify a rapist. Liberalism is anti-gun, no matter what. I simply find this unacceptable.

It seems to be the new talking point… What?: The Solution to Rape, Train Men Not to Rape!

We cant even teach our politicians to not rape our country and they think this is actually a viable answer??? They think that a rape is just some kind of misunderstanding? That we can teach rapists to be more thoughtful, and try to wine and dine a woman first?

This is moronic. Or… we’ve officially won and they are now just grasping at straws.

Here is the way you teach a rapist not to rape…. point a Glock at his nuts, pull the trigger, repeat as needed!

Why are Anti-Gun Lawmakers Always Criminals

Seems to be a trend…. Colorado Lawmaker who introduced anti gun bills has criminal record

Exit question: Why do we not require background checks on elected officials?

Building an AR-15 Upper

This is a great post on the subject…. great pics too. Just so happens to be a .300 AAC build.

Top 10 YouTube Gun Channels

A list… Top 10 YouTube Gun Channels

I dont know… I can certainly think of a few more that I would add.

NRA to Sponsor NASCAR Sprint Cup Race

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 4.58.35 AM

Boom! The NRA 5oo! Damn bitter clingers.

Today’s Funny…

From the warped, sick and twisted mind of Tom (thats actually meant as a compliment)… The Real Story Behind The Invention Of The Flashbang Holster

About that Using Drones on People Inside the US Thingy…

Model 82A1

Its interesting how the same government who say that its legal for them to kill US Citizens right here on American soil with drone strikes are the same exact people who are continually telling us that US Citizens shouldnt be able to own a rifle chambered in .50 BMG because they can shoot down airplanes…. Conspiracy?

The Wife Goes to Get her Permit This Weekend

Yep, if you have been following along on the blog then you already know that The Wife has finally gotten serious about getting her permit and carrying everyday. (Yes, I am very proud) Well, she goes this Saturday to do all the shooting and test taking and what not needed to become a legal member of the concealed carry world.

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Presented without comment…

TSA to allow knives on planes

Exit question: Why the hell is that in the ‘Money’ section?


They say lets fix it.

Elevator Murder Experiment

I caught this on the local news the other day and my gosh! I was shocked. And they even have the stones to ask “What would you do?” in the video. Really? You are actually trying to put people in this position to see how they react? Moronic.

I know what I would have done…. It would have been over really quick and it would have been something horrible that I would have had to live with for the rest of my life once I found out it was a prank, but it would have been legally justifiable. Sorry. Your fault. Not mine.