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The Thigh Holster by Shooting Tulips

They have this available on eBay for $31…. its hard to tell from not seeing it in person, but it looks rather flimsy. It seems to be just two layers of thick lace that is all that is used to secures the firearm: Continue reading


My Wife Moves one Step Closer to her Carry Permit

Yep, she is officially signed up to take the prerequisite training class and is now one step closer to having that permit.

I mentioned it a while back that the wifey came to me and said “I want to get my CWP”.

I guess thats what passes for pillow talk around my house, cause those are the words that my wife said to me while we were laying in bed last night

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Follow up With More Snubbie Goodness

Another great post up from the TWOTWAWKI Blog on the subject matter of carrying snubbies… this time talking about the gear he has been through on his journey.

Its a great read… and I really enjoyed it because of what I have been carrying lately.

Review: Versa Carry Holsters for Revolvers

I recently had a package show up here at the Gunmart Blog Test Kitchen with the newest incarnation of the Versa Carry Holster inside. This time their latest addition to their product line is aimed at the revolver segment of the concealed carry market. It also aims at alleviating some of their target market’s concerns about covering the trigger by incorporating a slightly different design.

Versacarry Holster for Revolvers

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Photo of the Day: Tactical Reload

I’ve temporarily moved to working with a snubbie as my EDC gun lately. Since I dont have any speed loaders of any kind in my possession, what you see pictured there is my redneck-engineering way of carrying more than just the five rounds that New York lawmakers wish we would all be limited to.

Lady Smith with Reloads

Its a change purse. I carry it in my back pocket, and it works out real nice for reloads. I can dump the empties and then hold both the gun and the change purse in one hand and reload with the other. Just takes a few seconds to get up and running again. Its also not uncomfortable when sitting down.

Exit Question: Compensating for the size of my penis by carrying a “Lady Smith“? You darn right I am!

“I want to get my CWP”

I guess thats what passes for pillow talk around my house, cause those are the words that my wife said to me while we were laying in bed last night.

I have mentioned before on this here blog that she has expressed interest in doing this. Up until last night it has always been with a reserved and cautious approach on her part. Last night was very different. Maybe its because of all the public shooting sprees that have been in the news, or just the natural progression of the subject matter in her mind. Either way, last night she brought the subject up on her own and told me to get the class lined up cause she wanted to go ahead and do it. Continue reading

Well, to answer your question…

Caleb has a Self-defense tactics question posted up on his blog (and a great pic of Shelley Rae for what ever reason)…

So, here’s the hypothetical situation – you’re in a parking garage when for various reasons you’re forced to defend yourself with deadly force against an attacker.

Knowing that the responsible and smart thing to following a defensive shooting is contact 911 yourself, you whip out your trusty iPhone to call 911 and see zero bars. Nothing. Attempts to call 911 are met with “call failed.” Here’s the choice: do you wait for someone else to call 911, or do you leave the scene and get to a safe place and call 911 from there?

Well, if you want my opinion…. Continue reading

CrossBreed Offers Appendix Carry Holster

Republic, MO –CrossBreed Holsters is pleased to introduce the all-new IWB Appendix Carry Holster. Continue reading

Yes, You Should Carry With one in the Chamber

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

The Armed Lutheran (and also with you) has a nice read on the subject which you should check out. It made me think of the above.

More on Winter CC

Its a subject that has been making the rounds in the blogosphere lately. Yes, its that time of year again… and Micheal Bane addresses the issue in his podcast…. here

CrossBreed Holsters Offers New Ankle Rig

Republic, MO – CrossBreed Holsters, LLC, an industry-leading manufacturer of concealment holsters, is proud to introduce the Ankle Rig holster to its product line.

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Cold Weather EDC

Its becoming a meme… or you know, its just what we concealed carry folks like to  talk about this time of year.

I mentioned my thoughts on it a while back…. and that of The Haus. Now Brandon has his thoughts up on his blog. Good read… here.

Winter Carry

Ebbs broaches the subject of winter carry over at his place today. Yes, its that time of year again. It was darn cold here yesterday (unusually) and that means that colder weather will soon be here for good.

To be honest, all I really do to get ready for winter carry is change guns. My primary carry gun during the dog days of summer is my P32. Its great for pocket carry, and its really one of the few guns out there that you will forget that you have on you. I know that some of you are going to bemoan the firepower of the pea shooter and try to get into a caliber debate, but in the real world there are sometimes when this is really all that I can carry.

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NRA Blog is covering the Woolrich Elite Concealed Carry Jacket… Looks Great!

Butt Carry

I wonder how many weirdos I’m gonna get at the blog with that headline… any-who… The Vega Boxer Holster is a method of concealed carry that is… well, lets just say thinking outside the box. I’m not really sure how practical this is, but its another option for when more traditional methods of concealed carry just wont cut it.