Review: ATI Scorpion AR-15 Recoil Pistol Grip

Not too long ago I had a package show up here at the Gunmart Blog Test Kitchen from the good people over at ATI Gun Stocks. Inside of said package was a couple of their products for me to field test on my AR… The first one that I want to talk about today is their Scorpion Recoil Reducing Pistol Grip.

ATI Gunstocks AR15

Scorpion Recoil Reducing Pistol Grip

The ATI Scorpion Pistol Grip is something that I found to be a very good product. There are several things that I really liked about this grip, but lets start with the most obvious… the recoil reducing backstrap. The rear of this pistol grip is designed with a rubbery recoil pad built right into the grip. The recoil pad makes up about a third of the grip and actually slides right out of the rest of the unit.

ATI AR15 Grip

ATI AR15 Grip

I will be honest with you, I actually didnt realize this when I first took it out of the package. I looked at it, and I couldnt for the life of me figure out how to mount this thing onto the gun. If you are a regular reader of the blog you will know that I have often scoffed at the idea of reading the directions that come with things. I believe my exact words have often times been “I’m male. I don’t use directions”… or something to that effect. This was exactly the case when I first handled this particular product, and I had to laugh at myself once I realized how stupid I was on this one. Once you take off the recoil pad, mounting it up is as simple and straight forward as any other AR grip. So if you dont want to bother to read the directions then here is a helpful tip for ya… the mounting screw is inside the grip under the recoil pad.

The grip does a very good job of reducing the rearward “push” of the rifle. Not really so much with the “muzzle flip” but thats not really how its designed to function anyway. No, of course the 5.56 is not a hard recoiling round, and there is not very much rearward push from the caliber to begin with… BUT this grip does make a noticeable difference. Especially with rapid strings of fire. I also believe it will pay much higher dividends as you begin to walk your way up the AR-15 caliber charts.

The way the grip is designed, the finger grooves that are formed into the front force you to hold the gun a little bit lower on the grip. This in turn puts your hand perfectly in line with the recoil pad portion of the grip. You can grip the gun higher up on the grip if you want and it will still be very comfortable, but it will be a bit counter productive to the recoil reducing design of the product.

ATI AR15 Grip

The overall feel of the grip is wonderful. I personally love a thicker pistol grip on the AR-15. I have always preferred a grip that really fills my hand when I am shooting. Thats the primary reason why I hate the standard A2 grip so much, and its really why I have enjoyed using this grip from ATI.

Here are some pictures of the ATI grip along side of a standard A2 grip and a Magpul MOE grip. You will notice the ATI grip is thicker in both width and length which equates to a significant difference in the overall circumference of the grip:

A2 Grip ATI Grip MOE Grip AR15

A2 Grip ATI Grip MOE Grip AR15

Because this grip is so thick it does a wonderful job of putting your trigger finger exactly where it needs to be to properly align with the trigger. With most AR-15 grips I personally have to actively think about proper trigger finger placement, but with the Scorpion grip its just naturally right where it needs to be. Thats a big bonus… and its a major reason why I think this would be a darn near perfect grip for any precision AR-15 build. It just feels wonderful in the hand and lends itself greatly to doing precision rifle work.

The back of the recoil pad has a rubber gripping texture that is similar to the Taurus “Ribber” grips that Taurus puts on many of their pistols. Its definitely not the same thing… its much less defined and aggressive on the ATI… but thats really the closest thing I can equate it to. It really adds to the comfort of the grip, and I would love to see them do a grip that incorporates it on the front finger grooves as well. Its very nice.

Overall, this is a really good grip and I have been very happy with it. It works great for general carbine work, but because of its thickness it is ideal when it comes to precision work. I think this is probably gonna be my go-to grip during hunting season.

ATI AR15 Grip


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