BET Throws Colion Noir Under the Bus

This article right here is just downright despicable. BET has decided that Mr. Colion Noir is now officially in bed with the enemy because he has partnered with the NRA.

It is incredible to witness a Black man champion the sale and distribution of guns to a national community that has been devastated by the epidemic of gun violence, in the age of Trayvon Martin, of Hadiya Pendleton.


And in digging in their heels in rejecting every aspect of sane gun control policy, the NRA is proving once again that nothing is more important than their blind love affair with gun sellers. It is a guiding force for one of the most poisonous organizations in the nation’s history and one to be rejected by sensible Americans everywhere.


You know… I am honestly having a really hard time putting into words what I want to say about all this so please bear with me here. All I can really say is how absolutely absurd the treatment of Colion has been from the anti-gun crowd since this announcement a little while back. The hatred and vitriol has been pretty much off the charts both toward him and the NRA. Both have been constantly bombarded with anti-gunners trying to make the case that the partnership is entirely, 100% about race.

Well, yes… Colion is indeed black. ‘GASP! How dare he! How dare the NRA! How dare any black person! How dare any white person!’

Whats so sad about all of this is that all these people who are accusing the NRA of only seeing Colion as black person is that those people who are throwing the stones here are actually the ones who are only seeing Colion as a black person.

Ummmm….. did you even bother watching any of his videos? Did you even bother listening to the thoughts and ideas that the man has laid out there for all the world to see? Did you listen to what he has had to say about his beliefs on his constitutional rights? Nope. You didnt. You just saw that this involved the NRA and thought that it would be perfectly acceptable to attack someone for partnering with them simply because they are black.

Would it have mattered to BET and all these other foaming at the mouth anti-gunners if any of the other highly successful pro-gun YouTube sensations had collaborated with the NRA? Nope. You never would have heard jack squat about it. But because Colion is black… because all that these hate filled people can see is the fact that he is black… well then this must be about those evil racists over at the NRA trying to cover up their racism by partnering with a black man.

Never mind that everything Colion has said in his videos is 100% truth… Never mind the fact that gun owners everywhere were ecstatic that the NRA was embracing everything that the man has said in his videos. Nope. None of that stuff apparently matters in all of this. The only thing that matters is the fact that he is black. Right?

Me hate NRA…. me see black man… me contrive sensationalistic story to slander my political opponent.’

Despicable. Thats really the one word that keeps coming back to me in all of this. Despicable. Absolutely despicable.


7 responses to “BET Throws Colion Noir Under the Bus

  1. Wonderfully said.

    I have been appalled by the way he has been treated, and you are right…. they are judging him by the color of his skin. Its outrageous.

  2. Blind devotion to liberal ideology. Its sad. Al Sharpton is doing the same thing. and I wouldnt be surprised to see him come out with the same message.

    • Thats exactly right. This type of behavior is rooted in the fact that leaders of the black community care more about their careers than whats best for the black community.

  3. Blue Line Tactical, LLC

    They are just mad that Colion refuses to be a victim or wait for Gov’t to take care of him. Al shaprton should realize that the collapse of the family unit and religion in this country is a bigger problem than worrying about good people with firearms! Personally, I find Colion to be an outstanding representative for todays “gun culture” (lib term).

  4. It’s always funny how “African-Americans” (you’re either one or the other, NOT both) always play the race card, even on their own. Crying, whining babies that suckle from the government teat, are “kept down” by other ethnic groups, and are always, always the ‘victim’ somehow.
    What’s even funnier- they can have “BET” but if Caucasians created “CET” oe WET, why…. that would be RACIST.

    Two words for them- BELL CURVE.

  5. The most racist people in the US today are the blacks. They voted for what they percieve as a black man for President twice with over 95% of the vote. That being that they were devistated the most by his policies. Here we see the same thought process per Noir.

  6. And when are the Black Conformicrats gonna get independent brains and start tossing their manipulators under the bus?

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