Daily Firearms News

Here is today’s daily run down of firearms news from around the web. Enjoy!


5 Things the Gun Grabbers Apparently Don’t Understand

Dr. Ben Carson: Your right to own a semiautomatic should depend on where you live

Wilson Combat Adds Billet to their AR Lineup

Republican House “made clear if the Senate acts on gun control legislation, the House will consider it.”

Gun school guidelines

HB1224 Magazine Ban Passes Colorado Senate Judiciary

How Gun Companies are Standing Up for the Second Amendment

Sneak Peek! Tactical Walls LOCKING Concealment Covers

Caracal CAR 816 Rifle: Yet Another AR/M4

Upgrading the M1A: A Gunsmith’s Perspective

Episcopal Church Lobbies for Civilian Disarmament

New DHS Drones to ID Firearms Carriers


Bersa BP9CC Review

Italian Gun Grease Review

A Sneak Peek at the Boberg 45 ACP XR45-S

Anti-Gun Group Targets NRA Membership Benefits

MidwayUSA Donates One Million Dollars To The NRA

X Products Live fire event 2012

Homeowner Takes Biden’s Shotgun Advice, Gets Arrested


Let It Snow: Zero Division Signature Management

A Survival Gun & Rifle for New Shooters

Better Source: Oil Filter Silencer

Loaded or Unloaded

Active Shooter Response, Yes or No, Stay or Go

Fight Like a Girl: Falia’s Light Comparison of Surefire X300 Ultra vs. X300

ISSC MK22 Review

Smart Guns: Dumb Idea

Battle for New York: February 28th SAFE Act Protest

Wilsom Combat BILLet-AR

How Much Use Do Your Snap Caps Get?

Gun Sales record pace continues

To the anti-Second Amendment folks: An Open Letter

NEMO Arms Omen .300 Winchester Magnum

Massachusetts Bill Allows & Encourages Animal Rights Activists to Sue Sportsmen

Why they will have to pry it from my cold dead fingers


One response to “Daily Firearms News

  1. Hey, if you live in CT, or near CT, there will be a pro-gun rights rally on Monday 11 Mar 2013, at the State Capitol building. Just sayin’.


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