Daily Firearms News

Here s your daily rundown from around the Gunnie-sphere. Enjoy!


Missouri House Democrat implies desire to sell citizens’ gun rights to feds

Praxis: Another idea for keeping up marksmanship skills in an ammo-short world.

Now this is arrogance.

Catching a Pass from Peyton Manning

Issues with a Washington Post Poll that claims: “77 percent of Maryland residents who bought a gun in the past 10 years say they went through a background check”

Z.E.R.T. Range Rig

Incendiary Image of the Day

ATF to Focus on Gun Trust “Loophole”?

Newtown chief: Bushmaster a “killing machine”– Then why are they in your officers’ hands?

Gun Myths Gone in Five Minutes

City Council Passes Resolutions For Gun Control, Immigration Reform

The dead giveaways of concealed-weapon permit holders

NSSF: Three Facts about “3D Printing”

VIDEO: Special Report: Firearm Facts — the AR-15

DemolitionRanch: BB Fired at a Live 12 Gauge Shell

SAF Warns Alabama City On Proposed Gun Restrictions

Why We Serve

By Jolly, Sekou Bolly

Drone Base in Malibu?

Magpul Closes the Police Loophole for Now

Urban Survival Day 8 – Bandage a Wound

Think About It

Rangemaster Tactical Conference

One of the Deans of Firearms Training Tackles Kindle

Magazines: Loaded or Unloaded?


Jason Falla explains Salient Arms RB1 G19

New York State Gun Owners Infringed Upon – UPDATE

Glock 20 Shish Kabob (10mm Remove Kebab)

Maryland looking to pass draconian gun-control legislation: Scary, indeed


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