CONFIRMED: Ruger to introduce a new shotgun

I have mentioned in the past about the rumors floating around of Ruger developing a shotgun… well, TFB has gleaned this valuable piece of information from Ruger’s CEO on their most recent earnings conference call:

” … we are hard at work on shotguns, and that’s one of those projects that should have been a year, and now it’s multiple years into the making. But I’m sure we will bring them to market one day soon.”
Steve is speculating that we are going to see a high end semi-auto shotty coming soon (SR1-12?). Its anybody’s guess at this point – it could certainly be a line of high end over/unders – but from a business standpoint a semi-auto would be the most logical approach.
If they came out with a high quality semi-auto, something along the lines of the Remington Versa Max that could reliably run just about any shell on the planet, they could certainly develop it into an entire product family. They could market the core product to hunters and then come out with a slightly modified “tactical” model that would also be marketed to the public as well as compete for police and military contracts. It could be a great business venture all the way around for them.

4 responses to “CONFIRMED: Ruger to introduce a new shotgun

  1. Very excited about this. Love my Rugers and looking to add a shotgun to my collection soon. It would be nice if that would be a quality Ruger shotgun.

  2. I hear it’s form factor is similar a Kel-Tec KSG with dual magazine tubes. Exciting for an auto-loader.

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