Geeks Heart the AR15


I keep hearing that the only reason someone would want to own an AR15 is because they are a racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe who wants to slaughter children at an elementary school. Guess someone forgot to tell that to Wired.

This is the gun-as-gadget, a relatively new consumer phenomenon born from the unholy union of the post-9/11 national security state and America’s decades-old obsession with hackable, high-performance hardware. From muscle cars to motorbikes to ultra-high-wattage stereo systems, Americans love to take their toys way over the top, and for all its deadliness and terrifying power, the AR-15 is a terrifically fun toy.

What? You mean to tell me that gun owners are no different than car-guys, gamers, techies, or any other group of enthusiasts? These are not people plotting to take over the government or start a race war? Whaaaaa?

Oops. Guess all that doesnt fit the narrative does it?


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