Local Gun Shop(s) Report

Well, I have been to four different gun shops in my neck of the woods during this week, and while I have mentioned the two horrible incidents that I experienced  while in two of them, I have not yet talked at all about what I have been seeing as far as inventory in any of these shops.

What I have seen locally is that the shelves are not bare anymore. They are not what I would call full and they are certainly not what they were in the middle of last year, but from what I am seeing I think that demand has bottomed.

Gun cases are getting back to the point of actually having some choices available again. Gun prices were still a little inflated at three out of the four shops, but one store actually had prices that were at pre-panic levels. All major manufacturers were available in many different models and calibers. Prices on ARs were inflated by about $200 over pre-panic levels, and there were many to choose from. I only saw a total of two AKs and they were each priced at $1,000

Brownells AR mags were priced at $25 and they literally had an entire wall full… which leaves me to believe that they are overpriced for the market’s demand.

Ammo of all calibers were plentiful and reasonably priced (all things considered). $15 for box of 9mm, $20 for box of .40 and $25 for box of .45 ACP. 5.56 was plentiful too, but I didnt bother inquiring about the price.

From what I saw this week, the bottom has been reached… or atleast the end is very near. Prices have not yet caught up to the slack in demand, but it will soon follow (holding all other things equal). Then supply should begin to catch up soon after that.

I am hopefully optimistic.



2 responses to “Local Gun Shop(s) Report

  1. I sure hope you’re right. In the Olympia, WA area, shelves are pretty bare. No AR/AK variants, Glock/M&P/XD, and magazines of almost everything. If you can find any ammo it’s because they’re charging $25-30 for a box of 9mm PMC so only those that REALLY need it will buy. I keep an eye on the online regional firearm forum classifieds and most things can be found if you’re willing to pay the price. The demand is dropping off and prices are starting to follow so I too am optimistic that things will slowly begin to improve. Thankfully I’m not in the market for any new firearms, i have dozens of magazines for each of my semiautos, and my ammo supply is sufficient enough to continue to train(I could use more 5.56 but I’ll wait until I can find 40¢/round) but I’m in the minority- most of my friends and coworkers are looking for something. Things will improve, just not at the pace we all would like.

  2. West central Florida. Wal mart still sells out of ammo by 10 O’clock everyday that there is a delivery. Lots of shortages of some types, mainly not too popular stuff like .25, 32 etc. I specifically inquired about AR platform rifles and was told that they could not be had, not even on special order. Goodbye Wal-mart…

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