Daily Firearms News

Here is you round up from around the Gunnie web-o-sphere. Enjoy!


Troy Tritium BUIS Review

Two from David Codrea

Notice anything on this G19?


How a 1911 Frame is Forged

”Go Screw Yourself” Former Dem Candidate to Cameraman

Let’s Talk Terminal Ballistics: The Confusion of Anecdotal Data

Texas Firearms Protection Act

Joe the Plumber giving away free assault rifle

Don’t Tread On Me

G&A Basics: How to Choose Your First Home Defense Gun

Vortex Optics Viper PST 2.5-10×32 FFP

MOLLE Handle – Exclusively at PredaterARMAMENT

MultiTasker Tools Series 2X and Magpul EMAG Combo

Complete Blueprinted and Lapped Upper Receiver

ArmaLite Doubles Down on Sales to Ban State LEOs

New from Streamlight: TLR-2 with Green Laser

BREAKING: New Jersey House Passes 22 Gun Control Bills

The NRA Raised 1.1 Million In January

Ban On Lead Bullets Attempted Again For All Of California

CA: Bill Introduced To Ban All Detachable Magazine Rifles

The NRA Raised 1.1 Million In January

Taking a Stand


Biden is an Idiot

Staff Review: Samson Evo 12.37″ Handguard

Tactical Harlem Shake

Another Look at Freedom and Government

Skill Set: Smokin’ In The Dark

LaRue Tactical Gets Visit From Senator Ted Cruz

We Are Free Already—Consent of the Governed

Five Keys to Winning Gunfights

ArmaLite Continues Support to Law Enforcement Officers

Too Much Lube Glock Failure?

Here is TRUE Gun Reform

Guard Dog “Halo” Flashlight

Update on the “Halo” flashlight


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