Everything Biden is saying about guns is a distraction

BEWARE! Thats all I’ve really got to say right now… BEWARE!

This is the game that the Obama administration (and the democrats in general) loves to play. Its all smoke and mirrors… ‘Hey! Look over there! Its Joe Biden saying something crazy.‘… Meanwhile they are doing something vitally important that they dont want anybody to take notice of.

So dont lose focus. Joe “gaffe-tastic” Biden is running around saying all these silly things to give the media some fodder (and the White House is even coming out in support of it), but dont get distracted by it all. Its all by design and is nothing more than a political tactic meant to be a distraction.


4 responses to “Everything Biden is saying about guns is a distraction

  1. The Monica Lewenski scandal was also a major distraction to cover all the secrets being declassified and sold to China as well as the missing hard drives at nuclear sites, the Johnny Chung campaign finance scandal.. and more. Smoke and mirrors.

  2. Yep. Misdirection. I was thinking the same thing myself.

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