Dear Gun Shop Commando…

… When my wife wants to see one of the guns in the display case then hand it to her. Not me. Secondly, she nor I want to hear you go off on your own little caliber-flame-war and preach at us about how magical the .45 ACP is. When we tell you that we are interested in 9mm guns we mean it. When I have to literally interrupt your little .45 ACP jerk-off session, you’ve gone too far.

Why the hell is it that everytime I walk into a gun shop I have to deal with some dumber than dumb-ass behind the counter?


6 responses to “Dear Gun Shop Commando…

  1. I tell every one that size does matter when purchasing a handgun. Your wallet! Good post and you are dead on!

  2. My local shops are quite the opposite. Every gun you touch is the best gun they sell. Regardless of caliber. They’ll sell you anything. 🙂 But I have been to places you describe and it’s very frustrating. And it happens everywhere, be it auto sales, electronics, you name it and someone is out there spouting off about stuff the customer doesn’t want to hear.

  3. You think those of us behind the counter are dumb? Have you looked around at your fellow customers?

    • Yeah its an over generalization, but it seems that I always get stuck with the guys who are there just to serve their own egos rather than the customers with money in their pocket.

      I will note, however, that the females behind the counter that I encounter tend to offer a far better level of customer service than any of the men.

      Another anecdotal generalization I know, but thats just what my experiences in gun shops always seem to be.

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