Daily Firearms News

Here is your round up of headlines from around the web… enjoy!


Kel-Tec PMR-30 Suspended

Photo of the day: You are not this awesome

GunUp Shop is here!

Revision Hellfly Ballistic Specs

Holy Handguns: Arkansas Allows Concealed Carry in Church

Assembling a CAV-15 MKII Lower Receiver

AR15NEWS Exclusive!! Predator Bravo Package Deal

Ask Foghorn: What’s the Difference Between 5.56 and .223?

Suarez’s OneSource Tactical to “Flood” Colorado With M4 Mags

Nine States Try To Preempt Federal Gun Bans

2nd Amendment Rally the Arizona Capitol & Media Malpractice


Cabelas Cool New Commercial

Wrong about .380?

Lego Battlemug

Real World Self Defense Tips for Women

Know Your Amendments Revisited

Survival Commentary Revisited

CP Tactical Red Dot Scope – Review

Inside Combat Rescue

Representative Joe Salazar thinks women are too dumb to know when they are being raped

Senate Minority Leader Fooled by Report in Military Version of The Onion

Gun Control DOA In Minnesota | Power Line

Why “Assault rifles” are protected by the second amendment


3 responses to “Daily Firearms News

  1. Wondering if you had heard about the National day of resistance. on 2 23. Short notice but is gaining steam

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