Hey, Gun Counter Jockey… Dont Muzzle Me!

You know, I hear a lot of gripes from people who work in gun shops complaining about poor muzzle discipline from people that come into their shops. Its probably a pretty accurate representation, and it would certainly bother me too if I got muzzled several times a day by ignorant and/or “it aint loaded” people. But what really ticks me off is when someone behind the counter… someone who is supposed to be “in the know“… muzzles me.

So I was at a local gun shop yesterday and walked up to the counter to do some looking… When I stepped up to the counter one of the gun counter jockeys was assisting another customer with an AR15 that they had brought in. He was helping the guy take the upper off of the gun for whatever reason and decided that he wanted to point the business end of the rifle straight at my chest. I was so taken aback that I literally took several sudden steps back from the counter to remove myself from the line of fire. The other couple people at the counter realized what happened and we all exchanged a WTF look with each other, but the commando behind the counter paid it no mind.

Thats bad in any light, but what made it even worse is that this wasnt some gun for sale in the shop that realistically has a ridiculously remote chance of actually being chambered. This was just a gun that some guy had brought in off the street. Who knows if the dude that brought it in has sense enough to clear it before he brought it in. I have no clue if its been cleared at the counter, and if it had I have no clue if it is indeed 100% empty. All I know is I got a face full of bird cage. I was pissed.

I was gonna give the guy an ear full, but after I saw how little he cared I knew it wouldnt have made a difference if I had. I just shook my head and turned and walked out.


2 responses to “Hey, Gun Counter Jockey… Dont Muzzle Me!

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