My Wife Moves one Step Closer to her Carry Permit

Yep, she is officially signed up to take the prerequisite training class and is now one step closer to having that permit.

I mentioned it a while back that the wifey came to me and said “I want to get my CWP”.

I guess thats what passes for pillow talk around my house, cause those are the words that my wife said to me while we were laying in bed last night

She was pretty serious about it and wanted me to get everything all lined up for her. Well, I had been pretty busy lately and it had gotten pushed off for a while (I also knew that the next available class was still a little ways off), but she kept asking me about it to make sure that I followed through with everything. It made me very happy because it was a very reassuring sign to me that she is indeed taking this very seriously. We have also been talking concealed carry methods, guns, holsters, and just about every other aspect of concealed carry that you can imagine. She is progressing down the path nicely.

She has also officially decided that she will be taking the shooting portion of the testing with the Glock 26. She shoots it pretty well… and certainly well enough to pass the test with ease.


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