Daily Firearms News

Here is today’s round-up of Gunnie Goodness. Enjoy!


12 Gauge, AR-10 Based Shotgun Now a Reality

GlockWorx Custom Glock Modifications

Solutions to the ammo shortage

Effects of Twist Rate Upon Stability

Colorado considering magazine production restrictions

Be Heard: “High Capacity” Magazines

556 Tactical Matched Billet Set Pre-Order

M-16 FA BCG Pre-Order – $169

Olympic Arms Stops All Sales to NY LEOs

Gallup Poll: 54 Percent of Americans Disapprove of Obama’s Job on Gun Policies

Shooting Grip Essentials

Ninjas on the USS Denver

Tell Them to Follow LaRue’s Lead

Biden: We’re Counting On ‘Legitimate Media’ For Gun Control

Olympic Arms Cuts Off Business With New York

Gun Loving Ladies are on the Rise and in the News!

Thank God for Gun Blogs: ABC, CBS, NBC Slant 8 to 1 for Obama’s Gun Control Crusade


Obama on guns in his state of the union

MAK90′s Are Mutilated AKM’s

Quicksilver Pen Gun & Highlighter Suppressor


Colorado Magazine Ban HB 1224 Heads to House


Staff article: Want to shoot farther without dialing or using a BDC or Mildot reticle ?

Concealable 9mm Pistols

Chris Kyle Funeral

Carry Often, Carry More Than A Gun

Don’t Bleed Out: Gear Locker’s Review of the Pocket DARK

Urban Survival: Bugging Out on a Motorcycle

Winchester 12 Gauge Slug Breakdown

Some basic information about buying a gun

American Technologies Network Corp. Odin-W Thermal Monocular Weapon Sight Kits Now Available

Shooting Withdrawal

In 2013 Leica’s Geovid HD-B Will Feature An Internal Ballistic Calculator.

Open Letter to Feinstein

Cosmoline Removal

Lost in the Civilian Disarmament Furor—Active Shooters In Schools

Smith & Wesson’s Political Action Page

Sighting in the AR15/M4

Magpul Knows How Politicking Should be Done

LAPD Gross Negligence Follow Up

Warning Signs That You Are About To Be Attacked Revisited

Pediatrician Handout Says, “Never have a gun in the home…If you must…store it unloaded and locked”

No, they DON’T deserve a vote!


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