Maybe its Time for a Conversation About Banning LAPD from Having Guns?

This is what the carnage looked like after the LAPD got a little trigger-happy during their manhunt… for a former cop, btw. Remember these are innocent, law-abiding citizens who the LAPD opened fire on in these vehicles:

This vehicle was “mistaken” for a black Nissan pickup:

LAPD Shot up Civilian Vehicle

This is what the other pickup looked like after they shot it up… it too is NOT a Nissan:

Police detectives investigate a shooting scene involving a black Honda pickup truck in Torrance, California, February 7, 2013. (Reuters/Patrick T. Fallon)

Now of course I dont believe that the police should be unarmed. Thats ridiculous. But what really bothers me about this is the hypocrisy of the media and the anti-gun crowd on this. The level of carnage in all of this is by their definition something we should be having a “national conversation” about. Where’s the President on this? Where is Congress at? Where are all the new laws aimed at stemming the violence? Why is an LAPD gun ban not being proposed… or magazine capacity bans at the very least? Goose/Gander… hello? Why does the LAPD get a pass?

I am not anti-cop in anyway, but if this is how bad it is now, can you imagine what the police-state will look like once they achieve their goal of civilian disarmament? Whats that old saying again about when the people fear their government?


10 responses to “Maybe its Time for a Conversation About Banning LAPD from Having Guns?

  1. My boss and I were just talking about this like 10 minutes before I saw the post. Crazy stuff. Didn’t know the police were allowed to shoot up vehicles without confirming the identities of those inside. Not that they should be unloading entire magazines on a vehicle regardless . . .

  2. It is not about guns. This conversation should be about revoking their authority.

    • Just to be perfectly clear… I was speaking tongue in cheek with respect to the ideas and level of discourse that the left-wing gun grabbers bring to the table. You are exactly right. Its about behavior… not inanimate objects.

  3. Well, they look like black Nissan pickups to me. But then, I am extremely near-sighted and color-blind and don’t know one brand of vehicle from another. I guess that qualifies me to be a cop with the LAPD. Where do I get me one of them guns?

  4. The officers that shot at both vehicles should be stripped of their duties and brought to trial for manslaughter and attempted manslaughter. There is a huge differance in a toyota tacoma and nissian frontier. Are those officers capable of reading. Not to mention, last time I researched it, back in kindergarten, bule was not grey. Not to mention they were looking for an armed black male. not two unarmed latinos. As for the Honda, I have no idea what their excuse is. However there is again a huge differance between Hondas and nissians. can’t these offices tell the differance between a black truck and a grey one? Is this what happens when we lower the standards of those that can join law enforcement? We need competant people in law enforcement. not incompetant ones.

  5. as a retired law enforcement officer(29 years) I am disgusted and angry at these animals (officers) who with total disregard for the safety of the public and the innocent people in the blue pickup. LAPD should fire the cops who fired thier weapons and bring them up on criminal charges for reckless endangerent and sent to jail.

  6. To be fair, the Honda was shot up by the Torrance PD, not the LAPD.
    But the shooting of the two ladies delivering newspapers….No Excuse!

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