Daily Firearms News



Remington R12 Tactical Shotgun

Lever Gun Self-Defense

New AmidsTheNoise UK Murder Rate Video

Colt CCG 1911

The Emerging Female Shooter

Jessie Duff Is On A Mission

We DO Need Large Capacity Magazines

Speer Gold Dot 357 Magnum 158 Grain Clear Gel Test

Texas Gun Shop Owner Not Happy With CNN, Piers Morgan

Watch Out For Fake PMAGS


VIDEO: Joe ‘Loose Lips’ Biden Admits Gun-Control Will Not Stop Mass Shootings

Atlanta Preacher to Protest Urban Violence at GLOCK HQ

Cops Shoot the Wrong Person in Hunt for Ex-LAPD Officer. Twice.

Rifle Build with Noveske NSR Handguard

AB231 Required Insurance For CA Gun Owners?

EDC: Don’t Be Stoopid. Don’t Bleed Out

Target Is Moving (TIM): Portable Moving Target System For Indoor Ranges

M&P VTAC: Range Report

COLT’s USMC 1911

Ammo Update


Why I Love my Country

Take Using and Defending Yourself from Knife Attacks Seriously!

The Past is Another Country: Optical sights, 100 years ago

Defensive Principles Revisited

Yeah, Joe, come on down to Bragg and sell this idea


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