Gun Blogging Dos and Donts

Caleb has a nice post up about blogging with regard to blogging under your real name or using a pen name.

IMHO, I think Caleb is right in his analysis to an extent. I personally dont put my name out there in the public or blog about where I live. *I have made a special point not to, and I dont think that it has put me at a disadvantage when dealing with the industry at all.

I have people in the industry (Significant people) contact me all the time about sending me T&E products to write about (So much so that I have to turn them down from time-to-time… Yes, I need more writers) as well as people who are wanting to put their ads up on this here blog. I also work with and have worked with some of the largest online publications out there and they all have understood where I stand on this. I personally dont really think that it matters to people in the industry… at least in my experience. It works just fine for me. A bunch of other bloggers and people in the industry do in fact know who I am, however… and I have no problems with opening that door to them. I do so with pretty much everybody that I have made contacts with over the last year or so that I have been doing this… I just dont put it out there publicly.

*The reason that I dont use my name to blog under is related to a couple of reasons:

1. I honestly dont want any fame out of this, and I really dont want to gain any “local celebrity” from this whole blogging thing. Thats just not me. Its just not something that I ever seek out.

2. I guess its a level of paranoia, but the reality is that people do in fact target houses to break into to steal guns (Case in point: newspapers publishing lists of gun owners)… So I really dont want to become known as “Mr. Joe Schmo who lives at 123 Fake Street, Small Town USA“. Lets be honest, its not too darn hard to look somebody up and then go break into their house… and people will do that when you are posting every single day about all the guns and ammo that you have in your house. Besides… if you really do have a problem with newspapers posting about you owning guns, then what makes it any different that you are doing the exact same thing?

3. The anti-gun crowd loves to “out” gun bloggers… they think its cool or something, and I guess they fancy themselves as crack investigative reporters for finding out someone’s real name and then specifying it in an article – even when they already blog under their real name. Idiots. But anyway, that kinda goes back to the first two items on this list.

I personally would really just like to stay as low key with all of this as I can. Not trying to hide anything… but also not trying to advertise. The only upside I see out of it all is notoriety. Which I dont really care about anyway. I also have not seen any downside to blogging anonymously or with a pen name. Its not like anyone is beating down my door to hand me a salaried job in the industry or anything, so at this point I dont really see any reason to put it all out there. (Let the record show that I will in fact take a salaried job with an ammo allowance if ever offered. Thanks)

Look… If you are on the fence about it dont obsess over it… just start blogging! You can always just start out blogging anonymously and then if you stick with it and want to start putting your name out there you can. Just get started already.

QOTD From Don Worsham (If thats your real name) at Caleb’s comments section:

I’m not a blogger. I’m a blog reader. And I read under my real name.


2 responses to “Gun Blogging Dos and Donts

  1. Good post. I had never really considered the dangers of using my own name to the extent you mentioned. But I guess with the current state of our country, anyone with valuables are vulnerable. Though I personally wouldn’t break into the home of someone I know has lots of firearms and training. But I’m also not a criminal.

    I’ve used my full name in several of my posts over on Backyard Shooter specifically to establish identity, though I never intended or hoped to get famous from blogging. Now I have to consider finding those articles and removing my name . . .

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