Daily Firearms News

Here it is… your daily round up of all things Gunnie from around the web-o-sphere. Enjoy!


Colorful Guns At SHOT Show

A strangely charismatic little rifle.

Dianne Feinstein on Face the Nation

Knights URX4

Good Gun, Great Cause

NEW!! Impact Weapons Components KeyMod Accessories

SIG P227 Tactical: Fistful of .45

Nationwide Ammo Shortages

Preparing Your Family for Concealed Carry

Learning reloading, SHOT 2013 and Old Man Lefty

Christian Dude Calls Other Christians Chicken If They Own Guns

Kira Davis Says “You Can’t Ban Evil”

Press Ignores Lives Saved Because Of Firearms

Viridian Reactor with ECR Laser

Joe Biden Proves How Ignorant He Is “Double-Barreled Logic”

Legion Firearms Shows off Some Sick AR’s at Shot Show

A Conversation with Tim Ralston…

AR15 Cartridge open discussion

My New Gun

The “Gun Ban” & “Gun Registration” Myths

Gun Control: What is it Good For?

California gun talk

Helmet cam of M249 gunner laying down suppressing fire (Video)


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