Review: Revision Vipertail Ballistic Sunglasses

I recently had a package show up here at the Gunmart Blog Test Kitchen from the good people over at Revision. Inside of said package was a pair of their Vipertail Ballistic Sunglasses

Revision Vipertail Sunglasses

I have to say, I really love wearing shooting glasses out-and-about as my everyday pair of sunglasses (EDS?). They usually work pretty well as everyday sunglasses, and I have found that its a great way to meet other gun nuts. You’d be amazed at how many conversations I have struck up with other Gunnies who were total strangers just because they noticed I was wearing shooting glasses. Its kinda like wearing gun hats or t-shirts… but only the people who are “in the know” are gonna notice.

Anywho… onto the Vipertails. When I got these in-house it was actually the first time that I have had the chance to have a pair of Revision Sunglasses in my hands or on my face. I was very impressed with the quality. Probably the best compliment that I can give these glasses is that they are easily on par with other major sunglass manufacturers that are out there… but these have the added bonus of being ballistic rated safety glasses. I truly believe that the Vipertails are just as high quality as Oakley, Ray-Ban, or Under Armour sunglasses are.

Revision Vipertail Sunglasses

The lenses are superb, and are easily as good as the three names mentioned above if not better. One of the greatest measures for me as far as lenses go is if I forget that I am wearing them after a while. If I can forget that I am looking through glasses after a few minutes, then I am very pleased with the quality of the lenses. That is exactly the case with these Revision Vipertails. They have a bit of a soft blue glow to them which really reduces glare and does a great job at reducing eye fatigue and strain on even the brightest of days.

Thats lint on the lenses, btw:

Revision Vipertail Sunglasses

The frames of the Vipertails are also wonderful, and I would actually rank them higher in quality than all three of the sunglass manufacturers that I mentioned above. They look great, and are definitely a quality build. They actually are so well made that they have a bit of a “thump” sound to them when you open them up. Its faint, but its something that really makes you feel like you have some quality sunglasses in your hand. They really feel solid.

Fit is also a really big plus with the Vipertails. I know that not all faces and heads are the same size and shape, but these fit me like the proverbial glove. They are just tight enough that they stay put on my face, but they dont bind. Once again… you will forget that you have them on your face after a while.

The rubber grips on the side ear pieces also do a wonderful job of making them stay put when I take them off and rest them on my hat. Wait. What? Yes, thats actually a very, repeat very important feature. When I walk into a building I take my sunglasses off and rest them above the brim of my baseball hat. Its very important that they don’t fall off when I bend over or look down. I cant tell you how many times I have had sunglasses go crashing to the floor because they just wouldn’t stay put on top of my hat. Pet peeve to say the least.

I will also point out that the Vipertails are sold with an included semi-hard carry case that is every bit as good as the Oakley Soft Vault Case.

Revision Vipertail Sunglasses

I’m very pleased with the Revision Vipertails. They look great. They feel great. They are very well built. And oh yeah… they’re great out on the range!


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