Virginia Lawmaker that Waved Around AK47 has more Gun Troubles

Yeah, you remember this guy:

Virginia Lawmaker Brandishes AK47 on House Floor

Well, according to his wikipedia page:

n May 1991, Morrissey borrowed two semi-automatic weapons from the Virginia State Police forensic lab; an Uzi submachine gun and a TEC-9 capable of firing 72 rounds without reloading. Morrissey used the weapons as props when he discussed drugs and violence at schools, and during civic meetings.[7] During this time, the firearms became missing, but Morrissey never reported them missing. In December 1992, Virginia Department of Forensic Science director Paul Ferrara asked for the weapons’ safe return. In April 1993, the same judge that ordered the crime lab to loan Morrissey the guns ordered him to produce the firearms and explain what happened to them, to which Morrissey confessed that they were “either lost or misplaced.” In April 1994, the guns were discovered during an arrest of a heroin dealer. According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Morrissey, was accustomed to keeping the semiautomatic weapons in a green, zippered canvas bag on the back seat of his car, which was often unlocked.[8]

Looks to me like this guy might be up for a cabinet position in the Obama White House.


4 responses to “Virginia Lawmaker that Waved Around AK47 has more Gun Troubles

  1. Irresponsible. This article doesn’t mention he was disbarred in 2003 related to a vicious assault against a gentleman in 1999. What was his punishment for losing the guns?

  2. He did not loose the guns he worked with Eric Holder and Obama in Fast and Furious gun trafficking scheme to promote gun control. Eric Holder and Obama do not know where any of the guns are. Any Questions

  3. That entry seems to have disappeared from Wikipedia. Is someone rewriting history?

    So was the Uzi semi-auto, or a submachine gun? You can’t BORROW a submachine gun without some serious ATF credentials.

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