ESPN: “Gun store commercials inspire and encourage violence in children”

A gun store owner in South Carolina has had ESPN refuse to renew his contract to do commercials on their network even after several months of airing his company’s ads. The owner is stating that ESPN told him that the reason behind it all was because of the type of business it was.

“When I questioned them, [the media company] came back and said that ESPN did not want gun stores because they feel that gun store commercials inspire and encourage violence in children. I find it ironic, that’s the funny thing,” Sprovero said.


5 responses to “ESPN: “Gun store commercials inspire and encourage violence in children”

  1. Well… I guess that I’ll just have to email espn and tell them I’ll only watch Fox because of being gun haters.

  2. And football, hockey, basketball, lacrosse, soccer – these NEVER inspire our young athletes to do bodily harm to one another, do they? Not to mention the behavior of the young players’ parents during games. And visions of McEnroe throwing temper tantrums during tennis matches (a supposedly-gentleman’s sport) come to mind, too. Because all those players are such great examples of good sportsmanship and fair play – and the adults are such wonderful role models, living good, clean, vice-free lives off the fields and courts, too.

    Talk about hypocrisy. . .

  3. Well well I guess showing sports athelets fighting and bench clearing brawls and boxing and UFC fights dosen’t do that. Give me a freaking break!!

  4. Just1Saddletramp

    The media and the liberals want to blame all the violence in today’s society on firearms. it has been little mentioned by the media but often noticed by the majority of the populace that most of the high grossing motion pictures and video games are filled with violence to the point that a lot of people accept it as a way of life. The media give this notion their blessing due to their inaction of condemning it. As a final note, people are the ones who commit assault and any item can be an “assault weapon” be it a knife, hammer, ball bat, shovel, or even an automobile but little action does the media or liberal politicians take in publicizing these assaults

  5. My wife and I have lived quite happily w/out the hell a vision(tv)for 13 yrs.raised 5kids,2 of which are Marines.If you must view make it FOX.

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