Daily Firearms News

Here is your daily roundup of all things Gunnie. Enjoy!


The New World Sucks

SHOT Show 2013: the state of the industry

Sig Sauer MPX

A collection of SHOT Show thoughts

Sheriffs Are Taking a Stand

Springfield XDm 9mm 5.25″ – SHOT Show 2013

Review: Crimson Trace CMR-201 IR

Smith & Wesson CORE with Trijicon RMR Reivew

Guns In America

Original Assault Rifle

Saving Ammo: Caliber Consolidation

I bought my first Revolver – S&W .357 Magnum M686

Trijicon Pulls Out Of Reed Exhibition’s Show To Support RKBA

Vermont Gun Ban Bill Withdrawn After Gun Appreciation Day

Arizona Legislature Attempting to Make Enforcement of Federal Firearms Law a Felony

Magpul Responds to Grumbling

New HK MR762A1 LRP

Gun people = Nicest people

Where To Get An AR15 Lower

A Warm Hello From the New Executive Editor!

…and not really impressed – Intelligun


Short Barrel Scabbard

IWI’s Tavor At The Range

COLT’s USMC At Media Day

Preview Of Sig Sauer’s SD Line Of Suppressors

Strap in for some F-15 live fire missile training (Video)

Israeli smart small arms sight



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