Congressman Ruppersberger is Anti-Gun and Anti-Constitution

A reader sent this in… its what Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger sent him in response to his letter regarding our 2nd Amendment rights. Its pretty darn atrocious. He states that he does not believe that constitutional rights are absolute. And he thinks that there should be limits on what he calls “weapons of war” and on magazine capacity.

And oh, BTW… the good congressman has a concealed weapons permit… Guns for me but not for thee!

Screen shot below. Click to biggify:

Congressman Ruppersberger


3 responses to “Congressman Ruppersberger is Anti-Gun and Anti-Constitution

  1. He obviously doesn’t know much about firearms. If he thinks the Bill of Rights and Constitution are not absolute he should get the hell out of Congress. He swore to uphold them, not skirt around them. Sickening.

  2. The assault weapons that he refers to is not military grade. He really needs to do a little more research and find out more about the weapons. I seriously doubt the police force in Maryland uses that small of a caliber in their arsenal. Maryland residents should definitely remember his stance the next election.

  3. Funny i got the same impersonalizd full of crap email back in response to my email smh

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