Must See: Veteran Stands Up For 2nd Amendment At Chicago Anti-Gun Forum


One response to “Must See: Veteran Stands Up For 2nd Amendment At Chicago Anti-Gun Forum


    They are trying to paint a caricature of people who love the whole constitution including the 2nd amendment. “The beauty of the 2nd Amendment is it will not be needed till someone tries to take it away”-Thomas Jefferson . The Navy creed’s first sentence is “I am a United States Sailor. I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America……” Thanks to AR 15 with 30 round magazine – I was able to practice my skills at home and earn the Navy Sharp Shooter pin. Even though the civilian version is only half of what my Navy version of the gun is – it still helps me in refining my skills. The Navy version has 4 settings Safe, Semi, Burst (3 shots per trigger pull) and Full Auto (keeps shooting till you lift the finger from the trigger) whereas the civilian version only has Safe and Semi, so it’s not really the same gun.

    My skills play a crucial role in protecting the mission, my comrades and my country. I and my civilian guns are no threat to anyone – I am a law abiding new citizen of USA. I come from a country that allows no weapons at all and yet every robbery somehow involves AK 47s with 30 round magazines – criminals always find a way to get guns. I always felt HOPELESSLY DEFENSELESS over there, where only the bad guys had guns to victimize civilians and the civilians were totally out gunned and at mercy of the Govt. / police that never showed up on time. I am very pleased that USA gives freedom and empowerment to its citizens.

    I know that I can use my civilian gun for hunting (food source: deer, rabbits) and income (coyote fur) if need be – with the economy the way it is. From the point of hunter safety if I come across a pack of wolves or coyotes I know I will have better ability to protect myself e.g. pack of 10 wolves with my 30 rounds seems doable even if I miss 66% of shots I can live through that. AR 15s are the best “1 in all gun” for me: Navy practice, hunting, income, home defense. Also after seeing what happened with violent looting after LA riots and Katrina where the Police couldn’t keep up with the crime and couldn’t protect its citizens – in that case I would feel better if I had gun that can handle massive violent mobs trying to hurt my family for crucial survival items like food or my personal property.

    But the original most important reason for 2nd Amendment is in case the militia was ever needed to defend USA the patriotic Americans can bring their own gun to fight for their country/ freedom and anything less than an AR 15 civilian version would be bringing a knife to a sword fight. The Afghanistan example is a testament to that, you can hold your own against a big army as long as you have armed civilians. Also, that is a very good deterrent to anyone even thinking about invading USA esp. in the future GOD FORBID if we are not the strongest country in the world.

    So you see these so called military weapons are not so military like and actually are very useful for law abiding citizens committed to the constitution and the American freedoms and way of life. All we need is to make sure criminals and mentally ill don’t get their hands on ANY weapons. The threat is not the weapon of choice but the unfit user / questionable persons. Bad guys will find a way to hurt the innocent if there were no guns, case in point in Norway a year or so ago a lunatic killed 100s of kids at a summer camp. Murders happened even before guns were invented. There are always homemade bombs and cars bad guys can use (e.g. run over kids waiting for school bus). Just because of some drunk drivers we don’t ban cars or drinking for the responsible citizens. Responsible citizens know gun safety; my kids are safe and deserve to have the same rights when they grow up. Please protect American constitution and our freedoms for our future generations. Thank you. BTW! There were 323 murders committed with a rifle but 496 murders committed with hammers and clubs in 2011. We need to ban hammers and clubs. Those are stats from the FBI.

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