Bill Clinton Cautions Gun Grabbers

Here is my short article that was published yesterday over at Ammoland. Enjoy!


In a recent meeting with top Democrat donors, Bill Clinton tried to send a message to all those politicians who seek to disarm the civilian population and while doing so he let the mask slip just a bit.

In the meeting Clinton is trying to send the message to gun grabbers that they probably shouldn’t get too aggressive on this one. Stating:

“Do not patronize the passionate supporters of your opponents by looking down your nose at them,”

“Do not be self-congratulatory about how brave you for being for this” gun control push, he said. “The only brave people are the people who are going to lose their jobs if they vote with you.”

Its also very telling because he showed that politicians, no matter how dogmatic they are about civilian disarmament, will always first and foremost care more about their own careers. He cautions lawmakers that this issue can and will end careers. He points out that it cost Gore precious electoral votes when a gun control civilian disarmament referendum was on the presidential ballot, and that it cost a bunch of lawmakers their jobs in 1994.

But, but, but… its about saving lives. Right? Why would any of these liberals care about the self preservation of their careers over the cost of the lives of innocent children!?! To quote President Obama, “If it can save but one life…”

“I’ve had many sleepless nights in the many years since,” Clinton said. One reason? “I never had any sessions with the House members who were vulnerable,” he explained — saying that he had assumed they already knew how to explain their vote for the ban to their constituents.

Did you catch that? Clinton had “many sleepless nights“… not because his “Assault Weapons Ban” did not go far enough or because he didn’t confiscate every gun in the nation to turn us into the gun-free utopia that all the gun grabbers tell us that we can be. He lost sleep because he didn’t explain the talking points well enough to those politicians who stripped people of their rights and were up for re-election. He lost sleep, not because his “assault weapons ban” did nothing to stop the slaughter that happened at Columbine High School in 1999, but because he didn’t teach the gun grabbers how to effectively lie their way to another term. He didn’t lose sleep because his gun control civilian disarmament law caused crime to go up, but because it ended up being a political victory for the opposition. He lost sleep because he cares more about the political game than the lives that he tells us gun control civilian disarmament will save and the utopian wonderland that it will create for us.

Shameful, but very telling.


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