Daily Firearms News – SHOT Show Gallore

Here is your daily read of all the gunnie goodness from around the web… well, just the stuff thats worth a damn.


The transparent shotgun

SHOT Show 2013 Media Day

NEW Springfield XDs 9 – SHOT Show 2013

NEW GLOCK 30S .45 – SHOT Show 2013

Noveske extends the NSR lineup with 15″ and 16.7″ offerings

SHOT Show range day report

SIG MPX Photos

Kahr CW380

Newtown community leader: Thinking this is about guns is knee-jerk reaction

Rand Paul Prepared To Fight Executive Order On Guns

CA Assault Weapons Ban and Safe Storage Bills Revealed

New from SIG SAUER: Silencers in .223 and .308

New from Black Rain Ordnance: CNC Milled AK-47

Chicago Top Cop McCarthy Lied About Confiscated Guns


Introducing New A-TACS LE Camo

Shooting TrackingPoint PGR

TX-12 Special Task Weapon (STW)

New Ruger Layout for Shot Show 2013

RAAC Offering Aluminum Receivers for MKA 1919

S&W Media Day: Pt. II

Smith & Wesson at Media Day

3-Gun Nation Media Challenge

In support of our Liberty…

A Dearth of Camouflage Patterns: Please sir, could we have more?

Shot Show 2013 Part 1: Sig Submachine Gun, Zip Gun, & Magic 12 Gauge

Gov. Cuomo: “You only need 7 shots”

Helium Whisper™ / Split Minus – New Weights and Measures


Gun rules not for the connected in NH


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