Daily Firearms News

Here it is, your moment of Zen…


Ruger Bringing New SR45 to SHOT Show

New From Snake Hound Machine

The Daniel Defense DDM4 ISR

300 AAC Blackout – Initial Impressions

Snake Hound Machine Update

NEW!! Tactical Walls Concealment Options

Media Day at the Range 2013

Boberg XR9-L Review – 2013 Wishlist Update

Kel-Tec Raising Price of KSG $300

Jesse Jackson: Gun Manufacturers Should Be Held Responsible For Shootings

More Murders in Chicago in 2012 Than Allied Losses in Afghanistan

The Obama Press Release On Guns

Ruger’s New 45 Pistols

Breaking: Attempted Gun Burglary Tied to Journal News Gun Map

The USA’s M4 Carbine Controversy

Laxco Smartscope Released at SHOT Show

Modern Day Fighting with an STG-44

Our Fast Action Response Team: Absolutely Badasses

Why Aren’t You Involved?


20 round AK47 Chest rig

Tracers to guide you through the week (15 HQ Photos)

bumpinator deconstructed

Are You a Sheepdog or a Fool?

White Hat Carry Concealed Holsters Review


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