If you dont read anything else today…

Go read this.

Sipsey Street has an inside look at the new Diane, I get to carry a gun but you cant even own one, Feinstein bill and what is specifically named in it.

Apparently, her office people were using Google image search and Wikipedia to decide if specific guns should be on the list. And some semi-auto hunting guns are specifically exempt… because one of her staffers uses it to go hunting. It also will move to give ATF and attorney general broad sweeping powers to dictate basically anything they want regarding firearms and ammo.

The phone call was a showcase of legislative ignorance, and of their disdain for us. The more I pretended not to know much about guns, the more they opened up to me about the law. I got the impression that they plan to go big or go home and to make quite a list of banned guns and features.


One response to “If you dont read anything else today…

  1. Its called negotiation . ASK for everything and settle for most then go back and get the rest later.

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