David Gregory Will Not be Prosecuted

It has now become official that the powers that be will look the other way and David Gregory will not be prosecuted for a gun crime. This should make everyone in America (Whats left of it) madder than hell:

David Gregory Violates DC Gun Law

Criminal charges wouldn’t serve the public’s best interests even though possession of the magazine — capable of holding up to 30 rounds of ammunition — was clearly against the law. In a letter to NBC’s lawyer, D.C. Attorney General Irvin Nathan also said he recognized that the device was intended as a prop to provoke public discussion on gun control following the Connecticut school massacre.

The DC said this:

Influencing our judgment in this case, among other things, is our recognition that the intent of the temporary possession and short display of the magazine was to promote the First Amendment purpose of informing an ongoing public debate about firearms policy in the United States, especially while this subject was foremost in the minds of the public.


2 responses to “David Gregory Will Not be Prosecuted

  1. So if I take an unloaded AR-15 to a DC street corner and provoke a conversation with the folks going by on the street, DC cops won’t arrest me and the DA won’t seek charges, right? I mean, all I’d be doing is exercising my First Amendment rights. The rifle would only be a prop. If I limit my speech to 3 minutes or less, that should be brief enough to be equivalent to Mr. Gregory’s spiel.

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