“I want to get my CWP”

I guess thats what passes for pillow talk around my house, cause those are the words that my wife said to me while we were laying in bed last night.

I have mentioned before on this here blog that she has expressed interest in doing this. Up until last night it has always been with a reserved and cautious approach on her part. Last night was very different. Maybe its because of all the public shooting sprees that have been in the news, or just the natural progression of the subject matter in her mind. Either way, last night she brought the subject up on her own and told me to get the class lined up cause she wanted to go ahead and do it.

I have mentioned in the past how, she has taken back possession of her Glock 26 – which is what led me to the acquisition of my Gen 4 Glock 26 – to take in the car with her on long trips. It was the “first step” so to speak when she first started talking about getting her carry permit. I dont really know if that is what she will end up carrying, but for now its the gun that she feels most comfortable with and probably the one she will take the shooting portion of her test with. Now I just need to start figuring out where she should take the class. (Or more so, where she should NOT take the class)

Oh yeah… and I guess I will be “auditing” another concealed carry class… she doesnt want to sit there and take the class by herself, so I have been informed that I will have to go and sit through it with her.


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