Dramatic increases in search patterns on gun control

… Even as compared to other mass shootings.

Thats the info I got in an email from Dan Hall, CEO of GunUp. He has noticed a pattern. He also sent over these two graphics that also shows regional interest (Click to biggify)

Gun Control Search Data 01

Gun Control Search Data

Now, you can support just about any hypothesis you want with this data, but I believe that all this shows is that this is without a doubt the biggest hot button issue in our country right now… and rightfully so. Taking things further than that is pure speculation, unless you have other evidence to support your opinion.

I think a good deal of this web traffic – if not all – can certainly be chalked up to our side of the issue driving web traffic because of a fear of a Barack, Big Govt, Obama’s desire to ban guns. Afterall, I dont think its people that want gun control/bans that are driving gun sales right now… and every report is that gun shops are absolutely slammed right now with sales.




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