Dick’s Sporting Goods Stops AR15 Sales

Its been announced that Dick’s Sporting Goods has pulled ALL GUNS from its store nearest to Newtown, Conneticut as well as suspended sales of ARs in all of its stores nation wide.

Dick’s said its decision was reached out of respect for the victims and their families “during this time of national mourning,” it said in a statement.

Misplaced efforts to say the least. I dont understand how any of this does any good. It certainly does not makes it easier on the families involved in this tragedy. It wont keep anyone safer. I think this has a lot more to do with Dick’s Sporting Goods’ history of blaming and vilifying guns. They were anti-ARs for the longest time in the past… and didnt until very recently jump into the very lucrative game of ARs and accessories.

Honestly, I would be very surprised to see ARs being offered for sale ever again at Dick’s. It would go hand-in-hand with what they have shown us in the past… however it certainly would be a line drawn in the sand for all gun owners nationwide if they do go down that road. Good luck selling those .22s and double barrel shotguns, Dick’s. I think you just lost a very large customer base with this move.

Stop the presses! – CNN used the term “Modern Sporting Rifles”


5 responses to “Dick’s Sporting Goods Stops AR15 Sales

  1. MSR? Oh My God; it’s a sign… that can’t be good?

  2. Hurry and get your’s before it’s to late, Before they all Puss out and stop selling the Good Gun’s !!!

  3. Dick”s has always catered to the Fudds, When they opened the store here, they wouldn’t sell AR’s or handguns. When asked why, they said they were to “controversial”. What a bunch of Fudds.

  4. I am done with Dicks what A shame

  5. They would have done better doing a great big sale on gun safes. You know to ake it more affordable for gun owners to do the smart thing and keep thier hardware secured when not in use. If this luney tunes mom would have Locked up her guns her mentally ill kid couldnt of shot up that school.

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