Cheaper Than Dirt is Price Gouging PMAGS

This is pretty unbelievable:

Cheaper Than Dirt PMAG Price Gouge

Also Ruger 10/22 BX-25 Mags for $50

Mini 14 mags for $60

Aluminum AR Mags for $30

UPDATE: They are now also officially out of the online firearms business


40 responses to “Cheaper Than Dirt is Price Gouging PMAGS

  1. Lol you are right it was wrong of me to lose my cool and jab back. I concede that. I am just venting my anger about the people I feel are wrong in trying to control the market when it naturally does it itself that is what the invisible hand is all about. As a consumer it is my job to buy as low as I can and as a seller it is to sell for as much as I can. Let the market do its thing don’t get angry about it and call names or boycott good people trying to make a buck especially when there business could be shut down by the government. If you really want to rally think about going after the ones who want to shut down all the great companies that provide guns and accessories. They are the ones putting this fear into people with the threat of losing jobs and a means to protect themselves. Be proud of the ones still trying to fight it by keeping product moving.

    • Those companies and private individuals who have taken advantage of this rotten situation will get theirs eventually. Karma can be a bitch.

  2. Price gouging during times of war in this country was illegal and was a federal crime. I dont really give a shit whether the market will bare the price its pure, unadulterated greed. Its disgusting to cash in on a subject like gun control. Its shit like this that makes the gun control lobby even more assertive. CTD was a rip off to begin with and never had shit in stock.

  3. Bought 440 rnds of 7.62x54r for $84. Now they list the same for $179.99 Are they crazy or stupid ?

  4. They cancelled my order three weeks after I bought them, I emailed then to ask about a tracking number told me the were cancelling all backorders,(they weren’t on back order when I bought them) and were refunding my money. The same day i got an email saying that they had them in stock but at limited quantities and for crazy prices. I’m never buying from them again.

  5. The bastards have now jacked the price of P-Mags to $79 + shipping…F*ck them!!..I’m never buying anything from those greedy bastards again!!

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