The Sandy Hook School Shooting

Ok… this is the one and only post that I am gonna do on this subject and then I am done (I hope). I really dont want to do a lot of blogging on this because I dont like the idea of exploiting it for web traffic – I despise all the “news coverage” thats going on right now that is 100% ratings driven. I am also not going to mention that sick and twisted lunatic’s name or post his picture. Thats something else that I believe is encouraging these copy cats who are starved for attention.

What I will leave you all with are the words of The Armed Lutheran… who said this more wonderfully than I ever could

In a nation that so publicly rejects God and faith, which cheapens life for the convenience of the living, which has replaced true community with social media, which glamorizes violence, and dehumanizes the victims of violence in games, movies and television, is there any wonder we see tragedies like the school shooting in Newton, Connecticut, today?

Go read the whole thing. Its well worth your time…. and he is pretty much putting my words to pen blog almost entirely. He’s right. This isnt about the chosen tools of destruction, policies and procedures, our mental health system, video games, or our laws. This is about the degradation of our culture’s soul, and until we turn that ship around evil will continue to commit these unspeakable acts… and with greater frequency.


2 responses to “The Sandy Hook School Shooting

  1. What if those two young men/boys didn’t have a gun. What if they each went into two separate classrooms, locked or barred the door then walked up to the teacher, pulled out a kitchen carving knife they’d taken from home, stabbed the teacher in the heart or throat then went around the classroom stabbing and slicing the children to death. Not limited to the amount of ammunition they could carry, these two evil animals could have butchered twice the number of children that they did. This presents a much more horrible picture than what did happen.

    However, if that would have happened, the media would have blamed the two men and the society that could have created such evil . Which, of course, would be correct. They wouldn’t want to ban butcher knives, oh no.. but since it’s guns, you KNOW the shitstorm that’s going to hit with Obama’s tears leading the way to ban all guns. The idiocy of it all.

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