Well, to answer your question…

Caleb has a Self-defense tactics question posted up on his blog (and a great pic of Shelley Rae for what ever reason)…

So, here’s the hypothetical situation – you’re in a parking garage when for various reasons you’re forced to defend yourself with deadly force against an attacker.

Knowing that the responsible and smart thing to following a defensive shooting is contact 911 yourself, you whip out your trusty iPhone to call 911 and see zero bars. Nothing. Attempts to call 911 are met with “call failed.” Here’s the choice: do you wait for someone else to call 911, or do you leave the scene and get to a safe place and call 911 from there?

Well, if you want my opinion…. I think that it is perfectly reasonable to get yourself out of said bunker/garage and get to someplace safe that has cell phone service. For one, its necessary to place the phone call. So, you are in fact doing your do diligence by making the effort to get to a place where you can actually notify the police. For two, you can always make the case that you believed that the bad guy was not dead and was still a threat and that you were simply trying to escape the threat by leaving the garage. I would still most definitely try to make that call ASAP. As many self defense experts have said in the past, its always best if the first call the cops get is from you. It may also be anecdotal, but I do believe I have read a few news accounts of defensive gun uses where the good guy left the scene (parking lot for instance) and then called the cops… so there may be good case study to protect you if you make the decision to leave the scene to make that call.

But above all else… CALL THE COPS ASAP!


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