Pro Tip: Use Some Common, Freakin Sense

So I was driving round town the other day and passed by a house and I had to do a double take… Walking through the yard was a guy who was either carrying an AR15 or an airsoft copy of an AR.

Now, this is all perfectly legal no matter how you slice it. In my neck of the woods, the guy could mow his lawn with two AK47s strapped to his chest and as long as he stayed on his property (and didnt point the guns at anybody) its all perfectly legal. But come on Dude…. use some common, freaking sense. Said house is located on a pretty heavily traveled road, and it just so happens to be literally right around the corner from an elementary school. Any liberal soccer mom who has a Freudian fear of guns that might just happen to drive by and see this is probably gonna call the cops and that dude is gonna have a very long day.


2 responses to “Pro Tip: Use Some Common, Freakin Sense

  1. I live in extreme NE Texas in what is best described as “country life”. My nearest neighbor is about 3/4 a mile away and we have a large pasture and some woods between us even there. I hear firearms discharged at all hours of the day especially around hunting season. Beck, people here can easily shoot a deer from there back porch with any luck. Every one is armed! When i read some of the stories coming from more “liberal” areas I am astonished at the thinking some Americans hold towards firearms as being “evil” within themselves. Just will NEVER understand this concept. They are inanimate objects will no will of their own. I have carried both privately and in employment for several decades now and although I have had to present my firearm against threats in both cases I have fortunate in that I’ve NEVER had to fire upon anyone. Yes, that gentleman probably should have used more sense in the area he was living. Here, someone would just wave and drive on OR say “hey, let me check that out!

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