If you dont follow Bruce’s Pocket Guns & Gear Blog then you have really been missing out. His main bread and butter of his blog are the spectacular gel testing that he has done on numerous defensive carry rounds. Up until now he has primarily focused on bare gelatin testing. While that is important for comparing apples to apples and apples to oranges, where the rubber hits the road for me is when you can do “barrier” testing of some sort to bring things a little more closer to real life defensive use situations and results.

Well, he is finally moving into that realm of testing… and starting things off with the bench mark that is Speer Gold Dot ammo. This is incredibly important testing… and its something that you should pay very close attention to and research thoroughly when selecting a personal defense load/caliber. Bullets/calibers behave very differently when they strike bone/heavy clothing/etc than they do just passing through bare gelatin.  12 inches of penetration in bare gelatin is all fine and good, but like I have said before… we human being types are not solid blocks of gelatin.

Keep em coming, Bruce! And mix in a slab of ribs every once in a while will ya!


2 responses to “Finally!

  1. Thanks for the post. I don’t like to shoot food I would actually eat. I’ll work on a beets and brussel sprouts test for you.

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