Daily Firearms News

Here it is… your daily dose of goodness from around the far reaches on the blog-o-sphere… Enjoy!


Ohio Store Clerk Exercises Self Defense With Her Gun

OH. Store Clerk Defends Herself Against A Criminal

Video: Reactive Armor in Action (Slow Motion)

At what point do you stop tweaking your style?

Photo of the Day: Black & White M9 Slide

Haley Strategic/BCM Jack Carbine

Ares Armor Low Profile Arsenal Bag

AR15NEWS Weekly Photo and Build Details

SIG MPX: Official Name for the New SMG

Armscor 22 TCM Bolt Action Rifle

What Is a Semiautomatic Gun?

Old Gun Ads

Gun Control the Second Prohibition

Unanswered Questions About Senator Trotter’s Carry Permit

Interesting Lobbying Statistics Of Anti-Gun Organizations

The Trijicon SRS Drag and Dive

Field Kit (Survival and EDC?) “Fire Fixins”

The Russian “Trauma Gun”

Spotlight: Pearce Gun Grip Extensions for Springfield XDM 3.8″

AR15/M16 Magazine Drop Test: Plastic vs. Aluminum

PlayStation-Controlled DIY Tank May Be the Wildest Weapon Yet in the Syria War

Daniel Defense® and National Firearm Finance – Offering Financing for LE Agents


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