Bob Costas, Your rebuttal?

Well, Bob? Do you have anything that you would like to go on national TV and say about this???

Would you like to go on an ignorant rant about how NFL players should be banned from owning cars? I know that if cars were not so easily available in this country, Jerry Brown would still be alive today. The car culture in this country is just simply out of control… I mean, what possible use is there for a citizen to have a car that is purpose built to go 185 mph?

Bob? Hello? Bob?


7 responses to “Bob Costas, Your rebuttal?

  1. I am so glad you asked this question, I was pretty fired up last week about his uninformed anti-gun statements. When I saw the news about this tragedy, I wondered if Bob Costas would now call for a ban on cars, or alcohol. After all, he removed all personal responsibility from last week’s event!

  2. I don’t know where we are all going to get horse drawn buggies, but I know you are right, it will be a better world. I am sure we will be much safer….

  3. no no no we must ban FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Can’t you see the connection to all these senseless deaths?

  4. Toupee Enforecement

    Adam Freifeld
    Vice President, Communications
    NBC Sports Group
    (212) 664-6772
    Fax: (212) 664-6035

    Mr Freifeld:

    I briefly want to express my extreme displeasure with Bob Costas and his recent, inexcusable use of your company’s resources as a venue to air his political/social views.

    Mr. Costas is certainly entitled to his opinion and his right to express that opinion is guaranteed under our constitution, just as the right to responsibly bear arms is protected by that wonderful Document.

    You would think that someone who is as seemingly as intelligent and as professionally accomplished as Mr. Costas is, would know that the proper way, and I submit, the way his employer would expect him to air those views would be in the same fashion that any ordinary citizen would responsibly choose to air said views-letters to the editor of his local newspaper, message to his congressman, senator, actively picket in front of the NRA,etc.

    I am not a journalist, however I am aware of some of of the basic tenets of journalism. One of those tenets undoubtedly, is to maintain fair and impartial views of issues/reporting of those issues and to give proper exposure to all sides of a news event or issue at hand. In this case, it would seem appropriate that Mr. Costas publicly apologize for the inappropriate manner for which he chose to air his frustrations. Furthermore, Mr. Costas should receive the same treatment that any accountable corporate employee would receive, had they made a serious lack of judgement in airing their political views in the workplace. Reprimand, ethics training, personal improvement plans come to mind.

    I think a defining moment in your career is at hand and having the courage to do the right thing in handling Mr. Costas’ abhorrent behavior will display to your audience that NBC Sports runs it’s operations in parallel fashion with tens of thousands of successful US enterprises and that in keeping with your mission statement, NBC Sports exists to provide the best coverage of major sporting events; that you provide a superior avenue through which your sponsors can reach their customers and you do it in a fashion expected by your audience and of yourselves as media professionals. CBS dealt with Jimmy The Greek, Mr. Costas should not be immune from receiving treatment at least along the lines of my aforementioned suggestions.

    My mute button will be actively in use whenever I see Bob Costas’ face on my screen until I hear an apology.

    Thanks for your time and best of luck in your continued efforts in letting your employees know “who runs the show”.

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