Votrex Sparc

Brandon has put together his long awaited review on the Vortex Sparc….. $199 on Amazon. Or you could just go the Bushnell TRS-25 route like I did . (Read the review here) *Cough – $80!

Thats a great looking rifle, isnt it?



2 responses to “Votrex Sparc

  1. Haha, thanks man. I haven’t tried the Bushnell yet, but I did enjoy your review. Sounds like you’ve dropped it a couple times now? I thumped on the Vortex quite a bit and it was completely unaffected, I’d be curious to see if the Bushnell would hold up as well.

    • I think it will… I have been so happy with it that I have actually been tossing around the idea of procuring another one and putting it through an actual torture test. I am very interested to see how far I can go before the thing does actually give out.

      Maybe after the first of the year I’ll decide if I’m gonna give it a go or not.

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