32 ACP Testing

Bruce over at Pocket Guns & Gear has been putting together some great .32 ACP testing over at his blog… FMJ and HPs. I carry a P32 in the sweat your balls off, dog days of summer so I found his last two posts very interesting. I will say that I go back and forth on the FMJ vs HP debate, but right now I am in the FMJ camp.

Fiocchi 32 Auto 60 Grain JHP

Here is the gel testing that he did on the Sellier & Bellot 73 gr FMJ. Thats actually the exact  same round I carry when I am out and about with my P32, and I was very excited when he teased this test on Twitter a while back. Its one of the hottest FMJs out there and it will give you +/- 13 inches of penetration. Not bad for a mouse gun. His test results are also right on par with all my internet research of gel tests for this particular round out of that particular gun.

Whats really peaked my interest, however, was his most recent testing of the Fiocchi 06 gr JHP. Both of the last two tests of .32 ACP HPs have performed beautifully with a penetration +/- 10 inches and fairly decent expansion.Oncea again… not too bad for a mouse gun.

These results make it very tempting, but I still am on the fence about the whole FMJ/HP thing.


One response to “32 ACP Testing

  1. Your interest was piqued. When you peeked around the corner, you maintained as much cover and concealment as possible.
    FMJ was invented by nurses (formed the red Cross, established the Geneva convention) to penetrate without further injury. Wound, but not extensively. Honorable soldiers then go for medical care, and stop fighting. Hollow point and earlier soft point both designed by hunters to expand on impact, creating an extensive to extreme wound channel. To put down the hunted. Solid bullets (current Barnes offers), copper or alloys, developed by hunters of dangerous game, to shatter bone or penetrate through very tough hide. To put down the hunted.
    So, If you are dealing with paper targets or honorable soldiers, FMJ is fine. Signers of the Geneva Convention who were not satisfied with flesh wounds from FMJ developed the Russian Penetrator round and the US SS109, a FMJ with a steel or carbide rod inside which keeps going after the bullet strike. To penetrate quarter inch mild steel and to put down the hunted.

    Nice post. I use mouse guns for target practice.

    ~Michigan TrainingCounselor

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