Daily Firearms News

Here is some more reading material for ya. Today’s firearms headlines from around the web.

Make the jump for all the headlines… Enjoy


A Comforting Presence

Decorative Camouflage, Functional Rifle

Walther PPX

What’s Your “Just Because” Gun?

USMC officially bans polymer magazines

**Extended Black Friday Sale** 16″ M4 Premium Upper – $249

Caracal Recall Update

Year of PDW?

The UN Wants Your Gun and Internet Rights?!


Twelve crazy lanes of range…

This is How Gun Control Advocates Think About Gun Buybacks

The Changing Face of Gun Culture

1st Annual Thankstaking Shoot!

Snow Day

LAR Manufacturing Acquired by Remington Arms

SIG Sauer New SMG Prototype

One Bad Ass Sawed-off Shotgun

The Great ACR Debate: Is Bushmaster’s Combat Rifle a Bust?

Staff Review: Tuff1 Grip Covers

New MOLLEminus Kit Available from BFG

Polished Ruger 10/22 Bolt

XRayGuns.com: See Guns in a Different Light

Colt 1911 Wildman Grips by Gear4Ops

DCS DA 5.56mm Plate Carrier

Carry Enough Gun

Tavor pics

U.S.M.C. Fallback To Metal 5.56 Magazines

Izhmash’s New AK-12 Rifle Has Technical Problems Says Dmitry Semizirov.

Syrian Rebels Firing Captured Russian OSV-96 12.7x108mm

HK P30 Enhancements


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