Another Walmart Idiot Tells a Woman She “Cant Handle” a Shotgun

Unfortunately for him… this time it was a gun blogger. Oops.

Me: “If I was to get a shotgun, what kind would you recommend?”

The clerk said with a look of concern on his face: “Mam, I don’t mean to ‘downgrade women’ but you couldn’t handle one. If you do get one you should get a 20 gauge.”


6 responses to “Another Walmart Idiot Tells a Woman She “Cant Handle” a Shotgun

  1. Just reading it again makes me LOL! I’ve been downgraded by Walmart…SMH!

    It seems no matter where I go to buy guns or ammo I frequently (not all of the time) run into the same problems – I’m either ignored, talked down to, or sometimes even insulted. This time I was “downgraded”, another time I was asked if I wanted my gun in pink (Gun stores/clerks take note: just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I like pink-my favorite color happens to be orange even then I’m a traditionalist when it comes to my firearms).

    Ladies, don’t let anyone or their ignorant, offensive comments hold you back though! It sure won’t hold me back! I’m going to get a 12 gauge shotgun and rock the hell out of it.

  2. Why in God’s name would you go to WalMart and ask a “clerk” that question? He was probably scheduling oil changes the day before. If you have to ask the question, go to an actual GUN STORE to get a credible answer from someone who does that stuff for a living. If your LGS treats you badly, you comment on their general lack, or level, of intelligence and tell them you’re taking your money somewhere else. If you’re going to ask that question of a walmartian, I have to wonder at your lack, or level, of intelligence.

  3. this is for CJ.who are you to belittle the People who work at Walmart.I have to laugh at your almighty knowledge of ………., what ever is your sound like a know it all bully. and why would you use God’s name? He probably works there.

  4. The best thing for anyone to do when trying to figure what gun to buy is to go shoot some. Ask friends, family, or even a range if you can try before you buy. You can test drive a car before you buy it.. why not a gun.

  5. Come one this calls for reference, as heonst journalists know and proof. Stop the innuendoes. Be heonst. I am told the Rove-ers have editied Joe’s comments and that Biden is a gun owner, owns eight according to a good source and that ain’t ainti-gun, no matter what you suggest in your weird paranoic prose. Few people who live in that waterfowl lush state can possible be anti-gun or hunting, and many would probably like to pop a few more geese. “they both have supported or written laws that would have banned my trapshooting gun.” Prove it. I’ll wait a few more days.jsf

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