If you dont read anything else today…

Go read this.

Rebecca talks to herself (Noob Self) about the things she wishes Future Self (Present-day Self) would have told Past Self (Noob Self) about what to expect as she was first entering into the gun culture. Did you follow all that?

Its a great article, and one that every Gunnie – noob or otherwise – should read.

What I found so interesting about it all was that the advise and insight that she felt she wished she had back when she was a noobie was not centered around things like gun safety, technique, practice regiment, etc… but rather how to deal with all the ass-hats that she was going to have to encounter and how not to let them get her down or discourage her (#1 on her list). Wow! Let that sink in for a moment. After two years of doing all this, as she looks back now she realizes that the biggest barriers to entry into the gun culture and concealed carry is not things like the guns, shooting technique, dealing with recoil or developing the right mindset for personal defense… Its not any of those things. Its the ass-hats.

I think this article speaks volumes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… ITS TIME TO CHANGE THE CULTURE! We are our own worst enemy sometimes and that needs to change.


2 responses to “If you dont read anything else today…

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  2. In any event, this has nothing to do with punsnhiig law-abiding citizens for the acts of others. Really? Stan wants to restrict my rights because 107 police officers were killed and yet this is NOT punsnhiig law-abiding citizens for the acts of others? How so? Hell, Stan supports laws which punish me for having my guns stolen by criminals. How is that not punsnhiig law-abiding citizens for the actions of others As usual Stan and his ilk focus on the gun, an inanimate object rather than focusing on violent criminals.

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