Daily Firearms News

You know what to do… make the page jump for all the headlines.


LSAT: The 9 Pound LMG

Smith & Wesson Introduces New M&P Pro Series C.O.R.E. Pistols

No Love for Loaded Chamber Indicators?

The M&P CORE and Concealed Carry Optics

Defensive Pistol Lasers

What Does a Second Obama Term Mean for Gun Owners?

Glock Group Unhappy with Son

ATI VEPR Strikeforce Rail System

What does Mitt Romney’s loss mean for gun rights?

Photo of the Day: Jerry Miculek on 5 to Go

PIG UCR from SKD Tactical

Walther PPX

President Obama Secures Second Term: Gun Control Unbound?

New from Smith & Wesson: Performance Center SW1911 Enhanced Action

What’s up with Magazines?

What Will Obama’s Next Four Years Bring?


Jungle Fighter Tiger Stripe

The Pancake of Death!

Zero Tolerance 0561 Designed by Rick Hinderer

Pocket Concealment on a Budget

Micro-Nine Pistols

Burris Eliminator II and Eliminator III Laser Range Finding Scopes Now Shipping.

America Commits Suicide

An Overview Of APA’s Paragon Precision Tactical Rifle

Improving Target to Target Transition Speed: The Circle Madness Target


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