Something I’ve Never Seen Before

Two baby deer found in the womb… You will have to click the first link through to a 2nd page on his blog but its worth it. Basically some tree-hugging hippie got mad at Jesse for posting that wildly inflammatory (or something) picture. I thought it was rather interesting as it was something that I have never seen before… but I guess thats just the scientific side of my brain making its appearance.

Dont let the haters get ya down… I am glad you shared it.

Exit Question: As a hunter, if you are trying to manage your deer herd should you shoot a doe that you see walking around with twins or should you let her walk? I know it doesnt pertain to this particular instance, but I thought I would bring it up. I have always heard the theory to be that you let her walk because she will often times continue to produce twins. The other side of the coin however is that it results in two mouths to feed… That side is hardly ever brought up.

Exit Question #2: Place your bets… how many of you think that the member of PETA who was so offended by the picture of the baby deer is probably pro-choice?


3 responses to “Something I’ve Never Seen Before

  1. Exactly! Repulsed at the death of two unborn animals, but they would abort a human baby and not think anything of it. Hypocrites.

  2. People that get angry about this sort of thing just dont understand where their food comes from.

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