Daily Firearms News

Here is some more reading material for ya. Today’s firearms headlines from around the web.

Make the jump for all the headlines… Enjoy!


Crusader Weaponry .308 rifle

VMI Cadets receive NRA Basic Pistol training at North Post

Escape From Texas!

Safety discussion: eject and catch

The Case For Mike Pannone

The Primary Arms Ultimate Weapon Light is Back and Better Than Ever

SRM1216 Shotgun First Impression

Review: White Sound Defense Steel Guide Rod for GLOCK 19 Gen3

Limited Edition AR-15!! Ranger Proof Rifle from GPI Custom to Benefit Wounded Warrior

The Danger Of A Lame Duck Obama

The BACK-UP TWENTY buttstock

Cocked, Locked and Ready to Rock!

Larry Vickers Shoots Wilson Combat .458 SOCOM

At the Range with Bobby Holik and the CZ 1911 Dan Wesson Specialist

8 Great 9mm Pocket Pistols for Personal Defense

Infographic: Common Handgun Calibers

Tactical Distributor Free shipping deal

New updated Armalite rifles

The Freedom Group Buys LAR?

SAF, others weigh in on new round of UN gun control talks


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