Seen in the Wild

Alternate Headline: Shut up and take my money!

Yep, I have seen them all over the Interwebs for I dont know how long, but Saturday was actually the first time ever I have seen one of these in the wild. There is a local small business in my neck of the woods, and the head boss man job creator apparently fully supports the 2nd Amendment. It was my first time at that particular establishment, but I can assure you that I am now a  customer for life.


7 responses to “Seen in the Wild

  1. Oh yeah… I spent $500 in that place.

  2. The local Gander Mountain has a similar sign (something about checking in guns that are there to be worked on or traded in, but that CCW holders are exempt). I agree with your sentiment, however. The other LGS (a pawn shop) allows CCW, but doesn’t advertise thqt fact. I’d love to see one of these signs up there too.

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